Pats v. Jets Live Blogging - FOURTH QUARTER

Gostkowski boots it out of the end-zone. On the final play of the quarter, the Pats get yet another penalty, this time holding on Hobbs. On the first play of the fourth quarter, Pennington hits Chris Baker for 26 over the middle to mid-field. Baker again gets ten more yards. Where are the inside linebackers? Call in an APB for Vrabel and Bruschi!

Pennington gets four to Coles as Samuels keeps him from making a move and getting more on that play. Baker then splits the invisible inside linebackers to grab it at the twenty. No pass rush anymore. No coverage. The Pats defense is sucking wind and sucking eggs. A run by Washington nets four, but holding on the Jets backs it up (fortunately for the Patriots oxygen-depleted defense). Washington gets ten back on the first play, and now it is second and eight. Bruschi again cannot cover the shifty running back. Seriously, right now I am ready for ANYONE else in there right now at defense.

FINALLY some pressure, as Pennington has to throw it away as Big Vince gets at it right up the middle. Third and eight at the 19. James Sanders steps-up to knock the pass down as Pennington goes to the Chris Baker well one too many times. Nugent banks through the field goal (40 yards).

After the kick-off, Brady goes deep to Jackson but just cannot make the hook-up. On second down, Maroney gets only two. Big third down with 11 minutes left in the fourth at the forty. Good protection and Brady goes to Troy Brown slanting over the middle for the first down at the 49. Maroney then bounces outside the right side for eight yards following Dan Graham. Second and two and the Pats go big and Maroney goes for four yards inside the forty following Evans, Light and Mankins (with a nice seal-off block by Graham). Under pressure, Brady is forced to throw it away on first down. In the gun five wide, the Pats get a bunch on a receiver screen to Caldwell. After Faulk gets stood-up at the line of scrimmage, Gaffney gets almost nine yards for a third and inches. Nice job by Maroney picking up the blitz on that play.

Gaffney now has eight receptions for 104 yards. Pats go big and Dillon bounces it out to the right and stumbles down to the ten and a first down and goal. Ben Watson drops a pass inside the five, as Brady almost had a quick TD. Less than six minutes left in the game and Watson gets two down to the eight on a little toss. Third and goal now at the eight yard line, the Pats go four wide and Faulk in the backfield. Faulk waltzes out in the right flat uncovered and Kevin Faulk is left alone to trot into the end zone. After listening to Simms wonder why the Pats did not run into the line three times and kick a field goal lead, I remember why announcers usually do not make good coaches. The Patriots needed to go for the jugular, which is exactly what they did on that drive. Patriots 30 Jets 16.