Pats v. Jets Live Blogging - FOURTH QUARTER Continued

Miller takes the kick-off out of the end zone and gets jacked-up by Larry Izzo at the 23 yard line. Now, the Patriots are feeling some good vibrations. Five minutes left, and an almost turnover as Mickens knocks it away. ASANTE!!!

Samuel picks Pennington and brings it to the house. Thirty-six yards and now it is 37-16.

Tully Banta-Cain sacks Pennington for a big loss to start the next possession. Now second and twenty-three, and Pennington gets away from pressure to get a dozen yards back to McCareins. Third and eleven at the thirty-one, and Mickens almost grabbed the ball. Jets have to go for it on fourth down now. Pennington sidesteps pressure and completes it over the middle just past the marker to the 43.

Now, the Jets are running out of time. The game is about over and the Jets are trying to at least get one TD back. Bruschi got his ands on the ball as Colvin just nailed Pennington coming in untouched. Another incompletion and it is fourth and ten with 2:32 left in the game. Big Sey brings down Pennington, and the kneel-down crew should be in now. Well, the Pats need to run a little.

Fresh legs with Maroney are in the game and he pounds it into the pile. The Jets are burning time-outs and CBS is trying to cram in as many crappy Coors Light commercials as humanly possible. Maroney pounds it up the middle again and gets the first down. Kneel down time is here and Brady heads to the sidelines. Big Vinnie T. is in to kneel down and end the play-off game against the Jets.

Finally, the Handshake: and Mangini gets a hug from Belichick (after he tosses aside a cameraman). Belichick searches out Pennington, who we know he respects immensely. A big win for the Pats. 37-16 is the final. A I had said, the defense needed to step up with some big plays, and they did in the fourth quarter. BRING ON THE CHARGERS!