Pats v. Jets Live Blogging - Last Two Minutes Second Quarter

Last two minutes - second quarter:

First and ten at the eleven: Maroney over the left side for five following Matt Light and Logan Mankins. Huddling-up and going with a fullback (Heath Evans), the Pats run the exact same play again and Maroney takes it to the goal-line. Matt Light totally blew-up Vilma on that second run. First and goal at the one and Brady rushes to the line and forces the Jets to burn a time-out with fifty-five seconds left in the first half. First and goal now on the one. Heath Evans runs a quick-hit from fullback and gets nothing. Clock running inside thirty seconds as the hand off is to Maroney who is stopped on the left-side. Vilma, making up for the pancake-job done on him by Light, makes a nice stop on Maroney right at the one-yard line.

After a time-out by the Pats and then one by the Jets, it is third and goal at the one with fourteen seconds left. Play-action fake by Brady and a completion to Dan Graham in the back of the end-zone. Eleven ticks left and the Pats have a 17-10 lead. A nice return gave the Jets some hope at taking a shot, but with no timeouts and Pennington tossing it across the middle, the play was merely a stat-booster as Askew was dropped in the middle of the field. Halftime score: Pats 17, Jets 10.

Some quick analysis: The Pats blew some shots to move the ball early and get some points. The Jets only scores came off a turnover and a big (broken) play. If the Pats can keep the Jets from big plays in the second half, they should be able to stop them and keep the ball moving through the air and on the ground on offense. The Pats hopefully can create a turnover on defense and get a big lead to get the Jets on their heels in the second half.