Pats v. Jets Live Blogging - THIRD QUARTER

After a snack of leftover Chinese food and girl scout cookies washed down by the nectar of the Gods (Sam Adams Octoberfest), I almost choked to death when the CBS halftime bozos (Boomer excluded) interviewed Shawne Merriman, who boldly predicted the Jets would win. I guess he meant that he hoped they would not have to play New England. The Pats opened by stopping Miller on the kickoff at the 24. The Jets open four-wide, and the Pats front line gets pressure again. The Jets gain two. Cotchery takes a reverse for 14 yards to the forty as Banta-Cain could not contain the play. First down run by Cedric Houston nets nothing. Tedy Bruschi (raise a glass) makes the stop; but then another completion to Coles. Bad news for the Jets though, as a good tackle by James Sanders leaves Coles on the ground as the medical crew is out to look at him.

No word yet, but a nice pass is brought back due to holding during the play. Jets face first and fifteen now near mid-field. With plenty of time, Pennington dumps off to Houston for eight yards. An end-around to Washington nets a few. But another flag flies in for a late-hit by the Patriots (Bruschi this time). Stupid, stupid, and dumb. The Pats just keep giving the Jets life. First down at the 25, a draw to Washington barely gets back to the line of scrimmage. On second down, another Jet first down to tight end Baker at the 12. Nice dive by Washington to get five. Pats need a red zone stop here. Asante Samuel makes a nice play to break-up a pass. Pats need a time out. Bruschi is covering a receiver wide left. No call. A tipped pass ends up in the arms of Baker somehow but a yard short of a first down. Nugent has to come on to kick a field goal to end the seven minute drive and make it 17-13 Patriots.