Pats v. Jets Live Blogging - THIRD QUARTER continued

Maroney brings the kick-off out to the 25 yard line. For today, that is good field position for the Patriots. On first and fifteen after a false start penalty, Brady gets 12 back to Gaffney over the middle. Dillon gets the first down and then busts up the gut for 13. Gaffney goes over the middle again and Gaffney gets 31 yards down to the 18. The Pats give Dillon a breather and bring on Maroney, who goes for three. Brady gets sacked after not finding anyone open and trying to dance away. That is a coverage sack as the line held up the blitz for a good five or seven seconds. Third and 19 now and Brady completes a short pass to Caldwell to set-up a 40 yard field goal attempt by Gostkowski which he bangs through to make it 20-13 Patriots.

Both teams are moving the ball well right now. For the rest of the game it is going to come down to who can create a turnover or make a couple of big stops. Personally, I expected more from the Patriots defense, as they still look out of sorts.

A great job by the special teams holding Miller to a seven yard return. A three and out right here would give the Pats offense some field position for the first time today. The Jets start at the 13 yard line. Of course, a draw to Washington goes for ten yards. The battle for field position ends quickly. Another penalty on the Pats give the Jets a first and five as Seymour jumped off-sides. The Pats really need to make a play here on defense. They have to swing the momentum and field position to their offense. A four yard out sets up second and one. Three missed tackles later and Washington takes the ball 19 yards and the Jets into New England territory.


Catching the network off-guards, Big Vince grabs the backwards pass that Colvin knocked down and Big Vince Wilfork had the sense to grab off the ground and run. Great shot during the Jets challenge of Belichick waving his arms and urging Wilfork to run downfield. The Jets lose the timeout as the Pats take over at the 15 yard line. Like I said, the defense needed to step-up.

On the first play, Maroney goes up the middle: once for six yards and again for nothing. Now it is a big third down at the ten yard line. Look for a Brady Play-Action again. Nope, he is in the gun and going to Gaffney in the corner of the end zone. Barrett makes a nice play to break it up. Gostkowski booms through a 28 yarder. Three for three for the kid who could never replace or even hold the jock-strap of the sacred Adam Vinatieri.

23-13 Patriots as the third quarter comes to a close (almost as there are :04 ticks left until the fourth quarter)