Not that I ever have them, but rather I always thought that would be a great name for a political blog, not that I would ever write one since I am so middle-of-the-road in my political leanings that I think Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan were good presidents for different reasons. No, I will not add to that last line, like I said, politics is always off limits in conversation. Now off with the mask, and on with the show:


Set my alarm for April 1. I cannot take anymore of these non-games. That said, this sad so-called controversy over Daisuke Matsuzaka not talking to the hallowed press after a spring training start is just plain stupid. Who cares. What, is it news when Shakey Wakey does not talk to the press? Would anyone notice?

The important thing to take is that Matsuzaka had trouble getting his pitches over and still did not allow a hit. That is impressive. I said it before, and I will say it again: this kid is Pedro circa 1997. EVERYONE is going to be glued to the edge of their seat when he pitches because there is always the chance he could twirl a no-hitter or strike-out 20. Roger, Pedro and Daisuke all in their prime: Sox fans are going to realize how spoiled they are to see such consistently fantastic pitching some day.

Speaking of Matsuzaka, Tom Verducci over at and in the magazine appears to have cornered the market on Daisuke-mania this spring. Check out his most recent myth of the gyroball here. This is intriguing:

He's going to be very tough, especially the first time people see him, said one AL executive. His first three [scheduled] starts are against Kansas City, Seattle and the Angels -- three of the most aggressive swinging teams in the league. Look out. You might see some big strikeout games right away.


Courtesy of Michael Silverman in the Herald:

The rotation for the Royals in the first series will be Gil Meche, Odalis Perez and Zach Greinke. The Red Sox expect to face Robinson Tejeda, Kevin Millwood and Vicente Padilla in Arlington, Texas, in the second series against the Rangers. . . .

So I guess we pencil in that 6-0 start to the season? Actually, say 5-1 because Kevin Millwood always pitches well against the Sox. 4-2 if Zach Greinke is back for real.


Brigs, what the heck is with Jolly Old England tying Israel nil-nil in the Euro Championship Qualifier? Do I have to start my ROO-NEY! ROO-NEY! chant as he is now at zero goals in three years? A sad showing indeed, with the controversy centered around the fact that the substitutions were too little too late.

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