A rough night for Sox viewing, as the wind and rain beat down on the Bent homestead, I reclined in bed flipping from VH1 Classic and their Making the Album show on the classic U2 album (and favorite of my 3 year old daughter) The Joshua Tree and the Red Sox facing the ever-pesky (and not in a Johnny Pesky kind of way) Toronto Blue Jays in the quickly out-of-style Sky Dome or Rogers Center, or is it Centre, or whatever they call it nowadays. Suffice to say, the Sox batters against Gustavo Chacin looked about as excited as Bono looked back in the studio with Daniel Lanois. I swear Bono was wearing the shades indoors just to grab a quick nap.

Daisuke (or should he be always referred to as Dice-K?) had one rough inning sandwiched around some dominating innings. I believe it is far too early in the season to worry about piddling issues such as locating pitches while pitching from the stretch, being rattled by a non-strike three call, or Julio Lugo not picking that rocket-blast single (note: A-Gon would not have had it either), I do believe that more good came out of how he bounced back from that inning and looked good in the next two innings.

Hideki Okajima looked great coming in to strike out the side as well. The disappointment was the Sox not being able to score runs on the road against a lefty. Chacin ALWAYS beats the Sox, but then, so do most lefties (think Ted Lilly).

The best post-script: No flying pizza.