OK, that is a bold-faced lie. But I want to have good karma going into the three game set with the Yankees this weekend.

One big advantage the Yankees have is that with two relative unknowns throwing, expect the Sox bats to be flailing about wildly. For whatever reason, pitchers without much MLB experience (and scouting info, I guess) give the Sox fits. Now they have two against the Yankees this weekend.

Of course, the MVP of April, Old A-Rod himself, should be pumped and jacked for the three game set. Of course, this is a contract year for Slappy McHamburgerHelper, so the numbers will be there. Provided the Yankees slug their way to the post-season, another fold by A-Rod will not hurt him in free agency. Yes, he is a Scott Boras client, so you can bet he will be on the open market.

The Red Sox merely need to keep pitching. Their starters have been very good, but it is way too early to get too excited. It will be interesting to see how Schilling, Beckett, & Matsuzaka handle the deep and relentless Yankees batting order.