The earth is round, so I am gellin like Magellan. Oh God make Dr. Scholl’s stop already! Brigs, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to end these commercials once and for all. Take out all of these Wedding Crasher Rejects in these commercials. Make them stop!

Yes, I have been away from blogging: I got into a 4-book cross-over Star Trek story (read my star trek blog, coming soon: the total descent into nerdiness) and outside of work and trying to get the kids to sleep at night, I’ve been incommunicado. Now that I am done with the series, I am one day away from a couple days of R&R in the White Mountains. Speaking of getting the kids to bed, see the deal is that Hal & Emma have their own rooms now, which means that all the toys that were packed away because of lack of space are now out. Throw in that since switching to DirecTV that they have receivers in their room and know more about using a remote at 4 and 6 than I did at 17, well it is safe to say that it has been more than one night this week that I get up in the middle of the night to find the lights on, TV on, or one of them out of bed and playing in their room.

Rod Beck is dead. What a tragedy. When he was briefly with the Sox five years ago, he was like Mike Timlin is right now: trying to get by on guts alone. Beck, well, he had a gut and guts (OK, not my line, I read it on somewhere, but I love it).

Chris Benoit is dead. Not a tragedy. That the roided-up freak killed his seven year old kid and wife is a tragedy. That he then spent a day in the house with their bodies before taking his own life is just plain creepy.

Asante Samuel thinks almost $8 dollars this year is an insult. Jeez, I need to be insulted big time. I think Belichick will hold the line with Samuel. There is depth at CB and unlike with Deion Branch, Asante is not tight with the franchise QB.

Now that Marquise Hill drowned tragically the Patriots (courtesy of Mike Reiss breaking this) do not even get any cap relief. Ummm, why???

See this smile from ear-to-ear? Roger Clemens is 1-3. His only win was against the Pirates. The Sox just got swept in Seattle and the Yankees dropped to third place behind the Blue Jays. Remember only two weeks ago when those Yankees fans came crawling out talking like the Yankees would go on winning nine of ten the rest of the way? Whoo-hoo, Yankees. How is that Johnny Damon contract looking right about now? More points for Theo for holding the line on Damon. At least Coco can play center field (and he is hitting, too!)

I like seeing Kason Gabbard in the rotation (forget about that last start at Seattle, he will be fine). I would like to see him stay there the rest of the year and the Sox can shuttle Wakefield off to the bullpen where he belongs.

Celtics dealing for Ray Allen makes sense: Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Big Al make a nice nucleus for the season. Remember, if Wally & Pierce had stayed healthy, the team would have won 40 games. Ray Allen is a huge step-up from Wally and gives the Celtics three scorers. With a maturing Rajon Rondo and a healthy Tony Allen, this team may turn some heads.

I am ecstatic that Delonte West is out of town. Simply the worst point-guard this side of Orien Greene, Delonte was terrible on defense, turned the ball over too much, and was a poor shooter. But, hey, other than that he was great; and Tommy gave him all those Tommy Points!