More Draft Redux

Nice to pickup the Boston Globe and read that Dan Shaughnessy and Peter May still hate Danny Ainge. Sigh. After listening to these bozos complain that Ainge needs to find veteran help, Ainge swings a deal that keeps Al Jefferson in tow, keeps the best trade bait right now (the expiring contract of Theo Ratliff), and brings in a deadly shooting guard whose outside game complements Paul Pierce and has average over 24 ppg over the past few years. Umm, what is wrong with that? Oh yeah, they grab top-15 talent pick Big Baby Davis from LSU to help out Big Al and K-Perk in the middle in the deal and dump the contract of Wally. Plus, they have me walking on sunshine with Delonte West on the next plain out to Seattle.

Fortunately, I found someone who agrees with me: Chris Mannix at A highlight to whet your appetite:
And the truth is, Boston didn't have to give up that much. Other than adding to a growing collection of players named Green, Jeff Green didn't have much to offer the Celtics, who are committed to developing 2005 top pick Gerald Green at the small forward position. By jettisoning Wally Szczerbiak, the Celtics rid themselves of a locker room lawyer who never meshed in Boston and Delonte West's departure hurts a lot less than it would have -- had Boston been forced to include Rajon Rondo in the deal.

Imagine the vitriol spewing forth from me if the Celts had given up Big Al or Rondo in this deal! Just the fact they kept those two building blocks is a steal for the Celtics. It would be like the Sox prying away Jake Peavy from San Diego for Mike Lowell and an Abe Alvarez/Charlie Zink level prospect. Or, just like the trades the WEEIdiots always propose (Why don't we just trade Bubba Bell in single-A to the Yankees for A-Rod?).