The Red Sox dropped their second straight one-run game to the lowly Texas Rangers on Sunday. Following a night they looked to be cruising to an easy victory after being up 4-0 in the second inning, Josh Beckett had one rough inning and gave the runs back. In his defense, the offense was horrible, leaving runners on base and never getting that clutch hit that was so desperately needed. They followed up that game by looking downright anemic against Kameron Loe. Yo-Yo Tavarez had a great game, giving up only one earned run while the bullpen did a great job holding back the Rangers; unfortunately, the Sox offense was once again doing nothing.

What I am waiting for, and have been waiting for this season, is that Big Papi or Manny walk-off dinger. That crowd at home plate waiting for him, waiting to slap the crap out of him. See the helmet flip off rounding third and the mad, hopping celebration at the plate. Where is it? Where is that big comeback win? Where is that kick-in-the-pants win? That is what this team needs right now: that one comeback win. That oh-my-God we stole that game from them.

I know, I know, it is hard to get down on a team with a double-digit lead and a great starting rotation, but this team is giving away games that they should be winning. The Sox should be up 15+ games right now, instead of giving games to the Mariners and Rangers.

* * *