Was there anything sweeter for a Red Sox fan than listening to the fickle and frustrated Yankees fans booing Roger Clemens as he got knocked out of the second inning after surrendering eight runs. What amazes me (EVERY SINGLE YEAR) is how often it seems that Clemens is bailed out by the offense after he gets knocked out of a game or leaves losing. It is like he gets to the clubhouse and has the bench coach handing out notes to the starters:

Jorge Posada: I have your son and you will not see him again until the game is tied.
A-Rod: I have those pictures of your wife we discussed last month on my laptop in front of me and I am ready to hit download unless you guys download a couple more runs.
Jetes: Captain Intangibles, remember when I said I ran into your sister in Vegas, well here is a sample pic. The rest get to the Star unless I get off the hook for the loss.

Yeah, I can totally see that happening.

* * *