Spare Neurons

* At least for a few days, it is nice to look upon the EPL standings and see the Toffees on top, running with the big boys. Something tells me Manchester United will bounce-back from their listless start, and that Arsenal and Chelsea will finish in the top five somewhere, but seeing Everton leap out to two impressive wins out of the gate gives me the warm fuzzies.

* Staying on a Premiership kick, I am happy to report that both of my brothers-from-another-mother are still gainfully employed, though Charlton did not let him go on the cheap and Marcus Bent is still toiling with them in the Championship League. Brother Darren is with Tottenham Hotspur (ugh, I know, how does one root for Tottenham?) and though Everton ripped them 3-1 this past week, they should crawl out of the cellar soon.

* Since I have probably already turned off three of the four people who read this blog and read it only for Red Sox and Patriots info, I may as well stay with footy and exclaim: THANK GOD Becks came out in style against DC United, leading the LA Galaxy to a 2-0 win by scoring on a freebie and setting up deposed Captain Landon Donovan on the other goal. Like I always said, to be the savior, you have to produce. Nice start, Becks, but you have to keep rising up to make the MLS stay on the map and in the media.

* Jose Offerman and the brazen Juan Marichal-style bat attack for the Long Island Ducks this week was just horrifying. Yes, he will not play in this country ever again. Maybe the Mexican League, definitely the Caribbean League, but he will never play professional baseball again in the US. I never hated Offerman when he was with the Red Sox. The problem was that he was over-paid, over-hyped, and as JD Drew and Julio Lugo learned, Boston is a tough town to start off slow in when there are big bucks and expectations involved.

* Just as an FYI, Eric Gagne is not the devil, the super-devil, a rogue agent, or anything of the like. He is just a guy still relearning how to pitch who got thrown into the pressure cooker known as Red Sox Nation and is struggling to adjust. Remember, he was brought in for October, not for August.

* Whoops, the Yankees are definitely not going undefeated the rest of the season. Nice to see the WEEIdiots getting off the bridge in time to raise some money for the Jimmy Fund.

* Speaking of WEEI, anyone think John Dennis is kicking caddies around the greater Boston golf courses this week with the administrative leave or whatever he and Gerry Callahan are on? Personally, I like having more sports talk and less whining about Liberals and talking about Kiefer Sutherland television shows in the morning.

* What are the odds that the Second Worst Announcer Ever and Worst Hall-of-Famer dies on the same day? Oh wait, that is the same person. Holy Cow, Phil Rizzuto is dead at 89. Send your applications to be the new voice of the Money Store in soon. Of course, if I said Worst Announcer Ever that would be Joe Morgan over on ESPN Sunday Nights. Why is this inept idiot still employed? Again, if anyone has yet to check out Ken Tremendous and the crew over at, hurry up and get there and tell them that Hal B. sent ya.

* Nice job by Clay Buchholtz against the Angels Friday afternoon (nope, I was working, missed it all. Thank God for the DVR. See you again real, real soon (like September and October).

* I wonder what Asante Samuel thinks of the dollars thrown at Big Ty Warren? I cannot imagine Asante holding out past week one, if that late. A one year offer worth more than you made in your entire career? Shut up and play, Asante.

* Classy move by Belichick letting Josh Miller go AFTER they picked up the $100k bonus and before the first round of cut-downs to give the veteran punter enough time to latch on with another team rather than get lost with hundreds of other cuts.

* The Cult was a great band. They never got enough credit in their heyday. Lil Devil, Sweet Soul Sister, Edie (Caio Baby), and my favorite: Fire Woman. What a great group. Horrible music videos, way too much Native American imagery, and Ian was just too ugly for MTV, but they just rocked.

* While babbling about music, nothing made me feel older than getting the Rolling Stone mag celebrating the 20th anniversary of GnR and the release of Appetite for Destruction. 20 years? It is official; I am 33 and feel damned old. I remember being 13 and listening to a cassette tape copy of Appetite on my mono Sears cassette player-radio like it was yesterday.

* Speaking of 20 years, that is the last time I can ever remember being this excited for the NBA to start. I’m wearing the Emerald glasses, running through the poppies, and walking the yellow brick road to the Garden: Garnett, Allen, and Pierce, oh my!