6-Pack of Julius Echter (That Glorious Nectar, Brigs!)

And make sure the beer has a lemon in it, the damned German swill. Moving on, here’s a Friday afternoon on the train six pack for you:

1. Red Sox Yankees this weekend with the Sox sitting pretty with a 5.5 game lead. They have Daisuke, Becks, and the Schill going this weekend. Personally, I do not know if I can stomach this and the Pats-Chargers. Something tells me that Monday morning is going to come early trying to stay up and stay tuned to all of the weekend.

2. My theory for this weekend is the Sox take two of three so that the season series with the Yankees ends with symmetry and both teams 9-9 against each other.

3. The Wanger is a heck of a pitcher. He reminds me of Derek Lowe with that heavy sinker. The Sox always have their hands full with him. That said, no one on the Yankees staff scares me more than Andy Pettitte. The guy just keeps going out there and mowing teams down. Someone explain why Houston jettisoned him? Heck, someone explain how the Yankees ever let him go in the first place. Roger Clemens versus Curt Schilling on Sunday Night? Hmm, I wonder if Frank Malzone will be there for the Old-Timers Game.

4. Oh my God, the Bruins training camp opened and no one noticed!!!

5. 101KGB in San Diego, some classic rock station, took out an ad in the Boston Globe on Friday saying: Go Chargers Beat Belicheat. Then they threw in their website (which I will not post as they do not need anymore free publicity) and said: Keyword CHEAT to post comments about your lame team. Maybe Pittsburgh will let you use the name Stealers. Hah-hah. My, no bitterness in Tijuana North is there from last seasons collapse in the Divisional Series, eh?

6. Lest I forget, the BC Eagles face the Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech on Saturday night. Great, like I do not have enough sports to watch.

* * *


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