Well, for one night at least Boston lived up to its lofty and pretentious title as the entire sports world focused on the Patriots-Chargers AFC Divisional Playoff match-up and the rubber game in Fenway between the Yankees and Red Sox as the GreyBeards battled on the mound.

As the national press continued to take their shots at Bill Belichick as he stood in the middle of the ring like a boxer with no defense, the Patriots players came out and made a statement about who they were and will be this season as they treated a 2006 playoff team like a doormat for the second week in a row.

After exposing the ManGenius as a fraud in the Meadowlands last week, Tom Brady and the offensive supporting cast dominated another top ranked defense. Norv Turner and his crew tried to make headway against the Patriots vaunted defense (this defense is dying for a nickname--but somehow I draw a blank thinking of something witty to make-up for them).
After a first half where the Patriots played with the vaunted Bolts defense like a cat with a mouse (well, not like my cat. Slim Mimit probably would run and hide under the blankets if a mouse got into the house), the Chargers mounted a comeback of sorts in the second half, scoring on both 3rd quarter drives.

Unfortunately, in between them the Patriots methodically marched down the gridiron for another score. After a gift from Ellis Hobbs after the second touchdown where Mr. Dynamite fumbled the kickoff return, the defense came to life. With the ball at the Patriots 31, did offensive genius Norv Turner call in the battering ram and run the fresh legs of Michael Turner down the Patriots throats? No, he called back-to-back passes which resulted in two sacks and the Chargers back on their side of the field facing a third and thirty. From there, it was time to switch to the Sox game.

In the match-up of the once and future Sox, Roger Clemens (aka the Texas Con Man) and Curt Schilling (aka the Big Schill) matched-up for six scintillating innings. After the Sox wasted a lead-off double by Eric Hinske off Joba Chamberlain in the seventh, the Yankees struck for three when the accursed Derek Jeter launched a three-run homer off a hanging slider and put the Yankers up 4-1. Mikie Lowell got one back in the eighth by crushing the myth of Joba by
launching a bomb over the monster. In the bottom nine the Sox had a perfect scenario: down by one, bases loaded, and Big Papi up to face the greatest relief pitcher ever, Mariano Rivera. Alas, it was not to be as the Big Guy popped to Jeter and the game was over.

Not to impinge on Ken Tremendous and the crew at, but I nearly launched an empty beer bottle through the television when Joe "The Idiot from the Big Red Machine, not the Magic Walpole Joe" Morgan said as the Yankees had runners on second and third and one out and actually uttered: "I don't understand why the Red Sox infield is playing in instead of back for a possible double-play."

Hmmm, Joe. I don't know? Maybe because without the force-out there is no freaking double-play! You stupid idiot, go read a book and get off the air. Harold Reynolds gets jobbed from ESPN for allegedly grabbing ass (if guilty, yes he deserved to go) and this idiot insults the intelligence of the audience on a weekly basis and they still keep trotting him out with the excellent Jon Miller. How Miller has restrained from strangling the idiot is beyond me.