Six-pack of that swill I was served last night when I ordered a Pabst! At least the pizza only cost $2.

Why is it I expect the Boston Herald to have a headline reading: Widescale Panic Grips the Hub. The Red Sox lost a couple games. Well, darn, with Manny out (yeah, that was a great trade I made in fantasy baseball to get him from Chazer. It ranks up there with my desperation deal I made when I had six position players on the DL, no one available on waivers, and I unloaded Ichiro for Kelly Johnson, Jeff Francoeur, some relief pitcher, and a ham sandwich. I was obviously either drinking too little or too much at the time.), Youk still hurt, Coco with a bad back, Pedroia slowed, and even Ellsbury sporting some boo-boos (to say nothing about Varitek taking his usual September trip to the outhouse) and Oki-Doki worn out like (nope, just going to stop there before I write something about Britney Spears that is totally inappropriate).

The Patriots broke the rules. Yup, and I damned proud that they did. Anyone who remembers 1982 (heck, 1991 for that matter) absolves the entire organization of any and all media backlash. I have already made clear my opinions about the jealous writers both locally and nationally taking vindictive pot shots at Bill Belichick (and the real sleazy ones going after Bob Kraft), but everyone wants that coach that does whatever it takes to atone for that stinker in the rain against the Jets last year. Yes, he was wrong to flout the rule and more than paid the price, but who is going to convince me that this was not a lesson imparted by the Big Tuna way back when?

The Celtics season is over. Greg Oden is out for the year and…what? We never drafted him? We traded some jamoke at number five for Ray Allen who subsequently convinced his buddy Kevin Garnett to come to Boston after Danny Ainge traded Big Al and a bucket of fish to Minnesota? No, seriously, like that would ever happen.

Rumor has it that there is a hockey team that plays at the Garden when the Celtics are not there. I know, that is about as believable as Boston ever getting a damned arena football team. I remember my Dad talking about hockey in Boston, but it seemed like a fairy tale.

Brazil versus Mexico? How the heck did I not end up with tickets? Or are pasty white guys who loudly shout about the dominance of English soccer in that kind of environment (You, Gallagher, and me, Brigs) banned from Gillette Stadium in those circumstances for their own stadium?

The Revs are still going, baby. Injuries are nothing to this team. Suspend the coach? Who cares? This team is the REAL pride of New England!