Millions of Pieces (Part 2)

Miscellaneous Sports edition:

* What happens if the Bruins kick off a season and no one notices?

* I hope the Revolution are cruising and getting Taylor Twellman healthy for the playoffs. I do not care if they win the CocaCabanaCup or whatever, it is the MLS Championship that matters. Anything else is just another season coming up short.

* The best development for the Revs has been Adam Christman as that third striker to come off the bench for instant offense or step in for an injured Twellman. Can we officially petition to refer to him as Microwave ala Vinnie Johnson for the Pistons in the mid-eighties?

* Kevin Garnett is on the Celtics. Nope, it still feels like a dream.

* I know that I underrate Ray Allen, and I am not the only one. Until watching the preseason Celtics game versus Minnesota at the O2 in London, I forgot that he can stick a jumper from ANYWHERE on the court.