Keeping the Big Schill

Well, sanity prevailed. The Red Sox did not throw $13 million guaranteed to their #4 or 5 starter, and the Big Schill kept his legacy intact by staying in the place of his greatest triumph(s). Kudos to Curt Schilling for realizing that the difference from playing for the Boston Red Sox and playing for the Philadelphia Phillies is a horse of a different color. And kudos to the Red Sox front office for covering their rears by only guaranteeing $8 million and making him earn the other five by getting his fat ass in shape and staying healthy.

Curt Schilling is synonymous with the 21st century Boston Red Sox and I am glad he is staying. Unlike a certain team in the Bronx, they did not embarrass themselves by slobbering all over him and begging him to come back like the way they have been handling the Andy Pettite situation.