It's never too early... start thinking about the NFL Draft!!!

Forget for a second that the season is only 3/4 of the way over right now. Focus on the fact the Patriots have the number one pick of the San Francisco 49ers. Right now, at 3-9, the 49ers spot would be #2 in the draft behind Miami. That's right, the Patriots would have either LSU stud defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey or uber-superstar running back Darren McFadden from Arkansas. Either one, I think I would be so excited that I pity whoever was standing near me as I fist-pumped and knocked them unconscious in my exuberance.

Here is what Todd McShay over at has for the Pats in his mock draft 1.0 at
2. New England Patriots (from 3-9 San Francisco)
Current record: 12-0
Scouts Inc.'s three biggest needs: ILB, CB, OLB
Projected pick: Darren McFadden*, RB, Arkansas
This hardly seems fair. The league's best team lands the draft's top talent -- or strikes another lucrative draft-day deal for him. Both McFadden and Laurence Maroney split carries in college. A two-back rotation would make both last longer, not to mention the possibilities for an offense already overloaded with talent.

OK, it is not good for me to be this excited. I have to go cool down. (Deep breath, deep breath, relax!)