It is easy being Green! Celtics Green, that is.

What a beautiful world it is with the Celtics so relevant. Having been drinking the cool-aid Danny dished for the past three or four years, it is nice to not be only person who can name the starting five for the Celtics.

With the Celtics on the road on the west coast again last night, they matched their win total from last season. On December 27 no less. So to match their record from last season, the Green would need to go 0-55 the remainder of the way.

EVERYONE was excited to see Kevin Garnett wipe the memory of those Gerald Green #5 jerseys from our minds, but who realized how good he really was after all those years carrying the load in Minnesota. And Ray Allen, what a revelation this man has been. What a shooting touch! I’ve been nodding my head watching him play and thinking: “Oh, that is what Wally was supposed to be like these past two years!”

With Paul Pierce able to trust someone else on the team to hit a shot once in a while, it frees the big three up to play some defense. Pierce can dial it up when necessary, such as him dropping 37 on Seattle last night, but it must feel nice for him to know he doesn’t have to do it every night.

With Rajon Rondo showing a jump shot and Big Perk cleaning the boards, this team really is as good as they look. The bench is deep with Eddie House, James Posey, Tony Allen and Scott Pollard providing regular minutes and Big Baby Davis jumping in with Scalabrine when necessary.

Yes, we all thought the Celtics were going to be good this year, but I don’t think anyone really believed that Pierce, Allen, and Pierce would mesh so well and the team defense would improve so dramatically. Whatever the reason, its nice to see the Green relevant again.

* * *