Catching up

What a great win Saturday night by the Patriots over a Jacksonville team that practically played perfect (or at least to the best of their potential). From a revamped running game led by a rejuvenated Laurence Maroney, to Tom Brady spreading the ball around with uncanny ability and accuracy. With the offensive line blocking all comers and the defense making the necessary adjustments at halftime, the Patriots continued absorbing a team's best shot and still walking out with an impressive win.

Yes, Jacksonville had the correct gameplan in hand to be aggressive throwing the ball because there's no doubt they needed 5 or 6 scores to win. However, Tom Brady was just too good, too efficient, too much of the best damned quarterback ever seen in the NFL. Even with Randy Moss reduced to being a highly-paid decoy, the Pats methodically and mercilessly dinked, dunked, and pounded their way down the field again and again. Like Kevin Youkilis at the plate, Brady methodically broke down the defense again and again.

As an added bonus, the world champion Colts were eliminated by a Chargers today. The Chargers had a dinged-up Antonio Gates, no Ladanian Tomlinson after the first quarter, and later lost Philip Rivers (which was a blessing in disguise, believe me!).

Much like the Indians taking out the Yankees in the divisional series this fall, the Patriots have their twin tower sitting at home as they take on another rival. For me, beating the big-mouth Chargers would warm the cockles on my heart since my displeasure towards them is so high. At least I respect the Colts!

So the long wait until next weekend begins...


Anonymous said…
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