Atlanta who? Seven games? Fuhgettaboutit!

Well, of course all eyes are going to be on the Celtics in game three in Cleveland after out-slugging the Cavs in game one and bullying them in game two at the Garden. Yes, LeBron at 8-42 shooting after two games is unimaginable. KG has shown why he, not Kobe, is the REAL MVP as he took over game one and continued his dominating defense in game two.

Heck, the whole team took over games one and two with suffocating defense. Wally Szczerbiak as the number two option? Delonte West running the offense? It did not work in Boston last year (see wins = 24) so why is everyone thinking LeBron is going to win with those two ninnies? Delonte sucked in Boston and he still blows. End of discussion.

The real story was James Posey and Leon Powe (and Sam I am Cassell, the missing muppet) coming off the bench to spark the Celtics as they took off after a dreadful start and ended up blowing Cleveland out in the second period. Paul Pierce bounced back, as did Ray Allen. Rondo once again played great defense and pushed the ball.

Another A+ effort by the Celtics at home...but what about on the road? Nothing to do but wait for game three in Cleveland this weekend.