Gawd, what the heck have I been doing to occupy myself and keep from blogging? Ahh, here's the A-Z list:

A. Lost "h" key on the laptop keyboard (Thanks to the new puppy)
B. No longer suffering on the subway and MBTA Commuter Rail for three hours a day
C. Still spontaneously shouting: "Ray *^#*&#!%$*&ing Allen Bee-yotches!" at inappropriate moments in public
D. Dying a little everyday as the Red Sox continue to under-achieve despite being the most talented team in baseball right now
E. Catching up on Jon Land novels while camping with the family
F. Finally purchasing and reading "Mind Games: How the Boston Red Sox Got Smart, Won a World Series, and Created a New Blueprint for Winning" by the Baseball Prospectus staff
G. Repressing my gag reflex every time I hear the words "Brett Favre"
H. Watching waaaaaaay too much of the VH1 Reality Show "I Love Money"
I. Jumping for joy like a giddy child upon the opening of the Patriots' training camp
J. Working like a dog
K. Wondering if Tony Allen is really the answer off the bench for the Celtics
L. In a state of depression over all my Fantasy teams sucking eggs this summer
M. Catching up on old episodes of NUMB3RS
N. Wondering if Jon Lester is really the new number one starter for the Red Sox this year
O. Debating in my mind if Josh Beckett is going to turn it around and pitch like Josh Beckett again
P. Debating in my mind if Hideki Okajima is going to turn back into Oki-Doki sometime this season
Q. Debating in my mind if Manny Delcarmen is going to throw strikes
R. Debating in my mind if Coco Crisp is going to play like he did in Cleveland
S. Debating in my mind if Jacoby Ellsbury is going to adjust and start hitting again
T. Debating in my mind if Clay Buchholz is going to contribute anything this season
U. Debating in my mind if Craig Hansen is going to get on track
V. Trying to work up some enthusiasm for the summer olympics
W. Thinking back to the magical summer olympics of 1984 and all that free McDonalds food
X. Watching "The Dark Knight" --yes, it was BETTER than the hype, but wasn't Batman supposed to be in the movie at some point?
Y. Wondering when "Pushing Daisies" is back on the air
Z. Reminding everyone who was the biggest J.D. Drew signing fan


Anonymous said…
I can end one of your reasons for not blogging:

Y. Wondering when "Pushing Daisies" is back on the air

"Coming Back To Life This Fall! Season Premiere Wed, Oct 1 at 8/7c"
Andrew Ahern said…
now, obviously as geek, I'm going to comment on the one geeky thing, which is rightly first in the list.


read: hold down alt, and while holding it down press 0072, preferably on the num pad

and as for X, it should be changed to: "keeping my mind pure with only thoughts of marvel comics"

hope life is good for all of you.