It's all over...

I hope this is wrong, but the 2008 season ends not with a bang, but a whimper for the Red Sox.

From Curt Schilling shilling $8 million from the Sox, to the Big Papi wrist breakdown, to the Josh Beckett myriad injuries, to Mannygate, to the bad taste left by Jon Lester's last start in the ALCS, to tonight where the Rays are spanking the Sox (Upton, Longoria, and Pena--oh my!) once again and the season, minus a miracle comeback against ALL odds, ends in a mere four innings.

With Tom Brady down and out until 2009, the Patriots go only as far as Matt Cassel carries them (Seriously, who would ever believe I would wish for the halcyon days of Scott Zolak?). The Bruins still exist only in a time-warp back to when they were relevant so many years ago, and all eyes turn to the Celtics.

Good night Red Sox 2008 season. Sadly, it will be remembered much like 2005--a team so close, but too far away.