I need to catch-up on some recent going-ons in sports, and catching up made me think of ketchup. Or is it catsup? I feel like Monty Burns at the supermarket by himself for the first time in that Simpsons episode. Anyway, here is an interesting thought I've had recently:

Why is it no one mentions the elephant in the room when there is discussion about Mark Teixeira possibly joining the Red Sox as a free agent and creating a log-jam at first base/third base with Kevin Youkilis and Mike Lowell already entrenched there respectively: trade Big Papi. Now, everyone put emotion to the side, because no one is more on the Big Papi Love Train than me (and my "BIG PAPI-BIG PAPI-BIG PAPI" chanting kids), but 1) Mike Lowell has no trade value, 2) Youk has too much flexibility and value being able to play first and third, 3) Big Papi is a DH only and his trade value will only continue to drop.

Logically, the public outcry would be terrible trading Big Papi, but is he able to bounce-back? Is there any trade value for him out there? The only team I could think of possibly taking a flier on Big Papi is Seattle, who has pitching to trade, can afford a &12M designated hitter, need another star to sell tickets (the Ichiro novelty has worn out) and desperately, desperately, desperately need a power-hitting DH. Will it ever happen? No, Big Papi is not going anywhere, but the Sox have probably already considered it.