Spare Neurons

    • Evolve or Die is what I believe is coming out of Foxborough, MA.   The Draft should continue to show where the Patriots brain-trust sees the future of the NFL offenses and defenses.  Bill Belichick built a dominant defense in the early 2000s that shut down all comers.  When the rules changed, he switched gears and spear-headed first a vertical attack in 2007 that brought memories of Darryl Lamonica and the 1970s Oakland Raiders.  Then, he finally (after the Daniel Graham and Ben Watson experiment failed) brought out the two tight-end attack that has befuddled defenses the past two years.  Now, what is the next step? Is there a new defensive twist? Do they load up on wide receivers in the draft and free agency? Are there more Ras-I Dowling  big corners on the way?  A twist is coming.
    • One change that won't happen is Wes Welker going anywhere.  Even franchised for a year, it is dirt-cheap for a wide receiver comparatively.  Over 550 receptions over the last five years is insane production.  There is no reason a long-term deal cannot be worked out eventually.
  • RED SOX:
    • No Marco Scutaro. Seriously?  Mike Aviles? Nick Punto? Jose Iglesias? How about Julio Iglesias at shortstop at this point. $180 million dollar payroll and pennies spent at short stop.  Scutaro made $6 million?  The Sox could not afford him and Cody Ross at $3 million. This is not the Royals, is it?
    • Now is the time to slump.  Now, not April or May.  Everyone stay calm.
    • Don't forget the most important chip: the salary exemption they will have for Marc Savard at the trading deadline.  There is a chance of adding some energy or an impact player still this season.
    • Now is the time to panic. Everyone take to the streets. 
      • I am trying hard to be enthusiastic about this team.  Ray Allen looks old. Paul Pierce looks old. Kevin Garnett looks decrepit. 
      • Rondo looks injured every other game. The wheels are off the wagon.  Danny Ainge has added some decent pieces around the Big Three, but the Big Three are the Old Three.  NBA basketball is a young man's game.  Old, older, oldest. 
    • Too late to make a run to the top five or six, but David Moyes has the boys in blue making a nice run in the cold, cold European winter at the Merseyside.  First Man CIty tumbles and then today a great 2-0 win over Chelsea.  Nice to see such a solid effort.  Sure, a goal in the first six minutes helps, but American Landon Donovan makes such a big difference making plays on the pitch. 
    • Speaking of Lando, is there any logical reason the freaking Los Angeles Galaxy tries to keep him around the MLS rather than letting him stay in the EPL? Forget drawing an extra couple bodies into the arena, for the good of USA footy, it is so much more important to the best players in the best competition.  If not on US soil, so what?