MusketFire: Digging Deep: Analyzing the New England Patriots' Offense in their 28 to 21 Victory Over the Pittsburgh Steelers

No New England Patriots game this Sunday? No problem.

With both the Patriots and Steelers both starting the season off with less than ideal circumstances, the game was bound to be a little messy at times. While many predicted a high-scoring game, the first quarter was scoreless. The Patriots led 14-3 at halftime, but during the fourth quarter the Steelers cut the lead to 21-14 and should have made it a lot closer. With their final touchdown by the Steelers with 0:02 seconds on the clock, the only concern was for gamblers who were watching the point spread.

Go back to Thursday night and dig deep into the offense's performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers in New England's 28 to 21 win.

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