Antoine does it again. The Celtics somehow blew a sixteen point lead but pulled out the win when former Celtic Milt Palacio was fouled by Ricky Davis and Delonte West, but fortunately for the Celtics, there was no whistle and they won by one point.

The first half was erratic to say the least. In the third quarter Boston appeared to pull away from the overmatched Mapleleafs, I mean Raptors. The Blue Jays, dang it, the Raptors got hot in the fourth quarter and just kept draining hoops until the Celtics finally wrested the game away from the Argonauts, whoops, the Raptors, and held on (barely!).

Antoine again had a great game. Somehow Doc Rivers has got to figure out a way to get Antoine, Tony Allen, and Al Jefferson on the floor for an extended period of time in each game. Jefferson and especially Allen looked great again. Antoine only took two three-pointers (and hit them both) and both times he was so wide open even I could have got the shot off.

Antoine was doing the things I only imagined he could during his first go round in Boston. He was a low-post threat, he rebounded, and he even started a fast break rather than lazily dribbling up court without any real purpose or hurry.

Chris Bosh (at least until he got hurt) and Jalen Rose were unstoppable for some reason. It must be a frustrating loss for Toronto since they scored 109 and had a chance to win it in the last seconds, save for a bad non-call by the referees (some old time Boston Garden magic?).

* * *

I’m sick of hearing about it. Yes, steroid use was rampant in MLB. So, apparently are amphetamines. So what? Just what is the federal government going to do about it? And more importantly, why is Curt Schilling there? Shouldn’t he be getting ready to pitch? The Sox triumvirate should have put pressure on Teddy K, not-quite-JFK, and this bozo representative Lynch who’s been all over the news blabbing about steroids in baseball to have the subpoena cancelled or revoked. What a bunch of jokers. Lower my taxes, cut the cost of gasoline, and cut waste in the federal government, then worry about steroids.

* * *


Johnny Damon has contracted cellulitis? Sorry, but reading about lumps on Johnny Damon’s gonads isn’t what I like to read while I’m drinking my coffee in the morning. Also, was anyone else disturbed by seeing Damon in those pinstriped pants on the cover of the Herald after his fab five makeover? Johnny Damon--in his last year of a contract--with the Yankees in desperate need of a centerfielder/lead-off hitter next year? It is just not a good omen.


My brackets are all $*(&#%@ed up by 3 pm on the first day of the tourney? I don’t want to talk about it.

* * *