The most dread words a Red Sox fan can hear are west coast road trip. The 10 PM starts, the failure historically associated with the Sox trips out west, the joy of the early edition of the Boston Globe having the game stories end with the Sox led 3-2 after four innings, and just the lethargy of staying up until 1 AM to watch the bullpen blow a late lead and then being tired at work as I try to sneak a peek at boston.com to read what was not in my morning paper about the game.

* * *


All-in-all, it was an unimpressive weekend for the Sox. Dropping two of three to the lowly Mariners is inexcusable. Jeremi Gonzalez had a bit of a downer on the mound, but Halama-Llama did not exactly put out any fires coming in from the pen. Wakefield was not sharp, and was done in by some sloppy play in the field and not quite enough juice from the lineup.

Of course, the Red Sox are one of those teams that is dynamite at home and .500 on the road, not that there is anything wrong with that; however, this season the Sox have played more road games to date than any team in the major leagues. So should we panic so early as the losses mount on the west coast? Of course not. If I were told in March that the Sox would be without Wells and Schilling for basically the first two months of the season and still be right in the thick of the A.L. East lead, I would have gladly accepted that position.

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The Yankees seem impervious to the loss column recently. As long as Tino Martinez stays on pace for 100 home runs the Yankees will be tough to beat.

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Mostly favorable review to Danny Ainge and his code of conduct he is implementing for the Celtics. That should cement the departure of Paul Pierce via trade and Antoine Walker and Gary Payton via free agency. Now if the Celtics could just find someone to take Mark Blount off their hands…

* * *


I do not know what was worse, Manny hitting home run number four-hundred and the last Red Sox player to hit number four-hundred not present (The Hawk, Andre Dawson. Expos Power!), or the ridiculous Peter Gammons and Michael Felger fighting on WEEI over whether Manny or Albert Pujols is the best right-handed hitter in the game (Pujols #1, Manny #2, A-Rod #3, but that is just my opinion). Then, we learn that Manny is hitting .240 because his Mom has arthritis. Shoot, my Dad has had so many operations, symptoms, bypasses, etc, that has to be the reason I can not hit. The Manny excuse, I will ake it!

* * *


Washington Smoshington, I miss the Expos. Bring back the bleu, blanc, et rouge!

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