Flipping between the Sox games and Yankees games has become an obsession of mine, and the other night was no exception as the Sox blew a five run lead against Texas I flipped to the Yankees-White Sox game that featured Jose Contreras on the mound just wrecking his former team. After double-agent Alan Embree gave up a tater to Paul Konerko (double-bonus points as he is my first baseman for my fantasy team), the Yankees inexplicably wasted an out having Jeter sacrifice Tony Womack to second. During the pitch Jeter bunted, some idiot New York bozo leaped from the upper deck onto the screen behind home plate. After sitting there dazed for a few minutes, he finally climbed up to the upper deck where security escorted him out. Hopefully, they threw in a couple jabs to his ribs when they were off camera as the Greg Louganis without a pool held up a close game at a critical moment for, according to the New York press this morning, a dare from his other, presumably underage and drunk, teenage buddies.

Speaking of bozo fans interfering with play, it was nice to see the Sox fan on the right field wall who deftly stuck his hand out to grab a bouncing double against the Rangers was quickly escorted from the premises by security.

One last New York Bozo note: Pedro Martinez gave up five runs in five innings. But with Petey it is not about winning, the imortant thing is respect he receives from his teammates and dwindling fans who have already given up on the season.

* * *


Who was just calling Mike Remlinger a good pickup? Oh yeah, me. Of course, in his defense, if Renteria turns the double-play instead of it being bases loaded and no one out, it may have been a less auspicious opening scene in the start of his Red Sox career for the Pride of Plymouth and distinguished alumni of Dartmouth College (like Red Rolfe, late 30s early 40s Yankee 3B & Jim Beattie, late 70s Yankee pitcher).

* * *


Riders of Rohan Davey is finished, or at least if you believe every sportswriter in New England. Of course, as a fourth round pick entering fourth season on the team who has yet to throw 20 regular season passes, who knows what he can really do for the team. Davey has an electric arm and good size, but he has no track record and no one who has not watched him on the practice field daily can really offer any meaningful analysis. It is like the battle for the guard and right tackle positions: if no one is out there getting overwhelmed by defensive linemen, you have to leave the analysis to Dante Scarnecchia and Bill Belichick and take comfort in the fact that they have proven track records.

* * *


Well, we will soon find out how desperate Jumbo Joe is to depart the Hub. Five years and over thirty million bucks is a top five contract in the NHL today. Jerome Iginla is the seven million a year man and rightfully the top of the NHL money list. Personally, I am certain Thornton wants out. However, this is a ton of money for Joe in this new NHL. If he wants to stay, he signs. If he really wants out, he will be playing for someone else next year for a very similar contract.

* * *