Trades, rumors, deals in the works, free agent wining and dining: Stoke the Hot Stove, Baby!


I think the most telling point about the Manny trade rumors is that no one that wants to take on the salary will give anything back in return. To trade Manny to the Angels without getting Ervin Santana and Casey Kochman back is criminal. Ditto the Mets with David Wright and Lasting Milledge. Those guys are the starting points. Include them and then throw in a salary (Darrin Erstad or Fat Cliff Floyd) before you even begin to say the deal is in early stages. I say let Manny hold out. When that paycheck stops coming in we will see the Humble Bumble Manny come crawling back, just as he did when he skated through waivers. And do not try to tell me he went on a rampage in the front office: I am sure it was simply a phone call from his agent upset at the triumvirate and Theo that got overblown when reported.

* * *


My sister-in-law Jenn hates me forever for writing this, but it is time for the last vestige of the Lou Gorman era to pack his bags. Trot and a pitcher to Philly for Bobby Abreau? Pull the trigger, baby! Trot is slowly creeping into the Derek Jeter and Joe DiMaggio range of over-ratedness (and, yes, I just made that word up. I have a liberal arts degree, and that gives me the right, dammit!). Nixon is, and has been, a good fourth outfielder. He cannot hit lefties. He has neither the power to be so slow on the bases, nor the speed to be so powerless at the plate. He has forgotten how to slice a double off the monster in left. He is ALWAYS injured. He strikes out too much. He is too slow for RF at Fenway. And he is paid way too much money. Trot needs to go. I really like the rumor regarding Juan Encarnacion coming to Fenway, or Lyle Overbay. Now either of those two would double the numbers put up by the Trotman.

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I still like Clement and probably am his (and Edgar Renteria for that matter as well) only supporter left in New England. I still think he will put up 15+ wins next year (just as I believe Edgar will hit .300 with 15 homers, 100 runs scored, and show us why he won two gold gloves). However, if he is part of the package for Bobby Abreau then pull the trigger. Adam Dunn or Julio Lugo? Not so fast.

* * *


One more year in Boston to break Cy Young’s record for wins for the franchise? Come on, Roger. Of course, he should retire. How appropriate for Roger to go out by pulling himself out of a World Series game again 20 years later with an injury rather than gutting it out for his teammates ala Curt Schilling. Roger comes full circle/Instant Karma is gonna get ya.

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Who? Middle reliever released by Cleveland. He is the missing link. Someone tell the Gang of Four to sign him quickly. Seriously, I just wanted to see who read the whole posting!

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