I love mock drafts. Just the idea that you are trying to predict what 32 teams are going to do, when you have no idea what the one team you follow religiously is going to do, is so much fun. I love seeing these experts, who do nothing but focus on the draft all year long, have no idea where anyone is going, but still publish a number of mock drafts throughout the year. This week, Mel Kiper Jr, the expert among all experts (he is on ESPN for chrissake!) titles his mock draft: Texans set to take Bush number one overall. Gee, I had no idea they were leaning that way.

Anyway, Helmet-head Kiper predicts the Patriots will now choose Santonio Holmes, a junior wide receiver from THE Ohio State University. says that, and I quote: Similar in many ways to Terry Glenn. Yes, that sound you just heard was Bill Belichick dry heaving. First off, if the Patriots go wide receiver, I imagine they will try to get a slider in the second round (like Deion Branch). Second, if Lendale White is still on the board, there is no way the big bruising running back that Bill Belichick has been looking for since he arrived in New England is going to be passed over.

* * *