Oh God, Yankees versus the Red Sox tonight for the first time this season. I guess it is safe to say that the Comcast MLB Extra innings package is not going to get much use tonight. In fact, if the other teams play while the Sox face the Yankees, does anyone east of Philadelphia even notice?

What can be said since the entire series (only two games, thankfully) this tilt focuses on Johnny Damon? Yeah, he got booed and he deserved it. Nuff said.

Just exhaled here at 10:17PM in beautiful East Taunton. Sox 7, Bad Guys 3. Papelbon shows them the future. Mirabelli returns. Big Papi absolutely DESTROYED one from Mike Myers to blow the game open. Derek Jeter, aka the greatest, smartest, most amazing player in the history of the game makes a bonehead running play and turns a great play by Mark Loretta into an inning-ending double play. Speaking of Loretta, he came through with the eighth inning grounder up the middle that just got by Robinson Cano (and where was Derek No Range Jeter as Cano was five feet past second base?) and brought in Willie Harris who was absolutely motoring around the bases. Also, kudos to Alex Cora who had a bunt single and drew the walk to start the rally in the eighth. Kevin Youkilis got on base three times. Manny had a couple hits. Wily Mo Pena had a good game in centerfield.

What a way to start off the 19 game tilt. Just a great game.

* * *

Big Dougie Comes Home:

Well, I guess it is safe to say that the WEEI crew and callers will be happy. I think it is a shame we had to throw in Cla Meredith. Way too much to give up if you ask me.

* * *


Why does NESN embarrass themselves and show Billy Baldwin and Joseph Abboud in the stands? What a couple of B-List celebrities. What, no Pauly Shore? Ben Affleck home changing diapers? Kevin Federline indisposed? Too bad Flavor Flav was not at the game. Then we would have some REAL celebrities. FLAVOR- FLAAAAAAAAAVVVVV!

In a word, pitiful.

* * *