6-Pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon

Oh God, how I detest pre-game trash talk. In this case, I am referring to players, as my feeling on trash-talking fans is sickening. Hey, I want the home team to win, but since I have no control over ANY aspect of the game (other than possibly being in the stands and making enough noise along with 50,000+ fans to distract the opposing quarterback), I am not one to get into too much boasting and bragging BEFORE the games are played. Afterwards, well that is a different story.

Anyway, I know NFL coaches usually try to reign in any braggadocio from their players, but I do not really see how reporters writing about these slights really do anything but fill space on a slow news day. I am sure, that in private, Bill Belichick is telling his defense that Peyton Manning is a #$&%#* who cannot #$&%#* #$&%#* without help from his #$&%#* mommy. Also, I am sure he tells Tom Brady in the meetings that the Colts defense is #$&%#* #$&%#* #$&%#* and they could not even #$&%#* without help from each other. Of course, there is no reason to say anything but the usual fawning about how wonderful they are to the press, because who needs an already over-jacked linebacker getting any more worked up after his fifth Red Bull and handful of No-Doze before kick-off? But, we will continue to see that Dwight Freeney hates the Patriots (what, he is supposed to love them because he came from Connecticut? Forty percent of the state is Eastern New York anyway) and that Nick Harper, after Brady threw a couple of picks and had some tipped passes bounce off the San Diego defenders breadbaskets, is disrespecting the New England Golden Boy because he said he makes a few throws that could be picks? Yeesh, everyone dial down the chest-pounding (especially the idiot, drunken, frat-boy wannabe bandwagon Pats fans on YouTube with your hideous home-made rants that make us respectable New England fans look like toolbags), and just get ready for a great game.

The nightmare of the first round pick of 1993 finally comes to an end. Some other first-rounders that year chosen after Trotman at number seven to put Lou Gorman back on the hate mail speed-dial: CLOSER DELUXE Billy Wagner, PERENNIAL MVP CANDIDATE Derrek Lee, LOCAL YOKEL AND LIFELONG SOX FAN Chris Carpenter, ALL-STAR Torii Hunter, and DRAFTED BUT UNSIGNED Jason Varitek. Now, before we light the torches and search out Sweet-Lou, remember these three names picked right before Trot at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6: Darren Dreifort, Brian Anderson, Wayne Gomes, Jeff Granger, and Steve Soderstrom (A-Rod went number one). So in retrospect, the Sox got a decent right-fielder for a few years which turned out a bit better than some picks. Also, the Mets drafted the immortal Kirk Presley at #8, the Tigers took Matt Brunson at #9, the Cubs took Brooks Kieschnick at #10, and the Indians took Daron Kirkreit at #11, so Trot was not really that bad a pick. I guess this exercise shows what a crap-shoot the draft is and shows why Billy Beane was so smart to go against conventional wisdom and bring statistical analysis to the draft process.

If you are wondering just who some of these guys are: Dreifort went 48-60 with a 4.36 ERA, got big bucks from the Dodgers and blew his arm out; Anderson was supposed to be great, but finished up 82-83 with a 4.74 career ERA for the Indians and Diamondbacks primarily; Wayne Gomes finished his major league career in a forgettable fashion with the Red Sox in 2002, but was a set-up/middle reliever for the most part with the Phillies and once saved 19 games in a season; Jeff Granger pitched in 27 games over 4 years; Steve Soderstrom made it up for a cup of coffee with the Giants in 1996; Brooks Kieschnick made it up to the Cubs as a big-swinging outfielder, got switched to a pitcher when that did not work and bounced around a bit, getting to the majors briefly with the Brewers; the others never made the majors.

So, good luck to Trot backing-up Grady Sizemore in Cleveland. He was never what he was sold to us as, never that 30-30 athletic outfielder, and he was far from my favorite player, but he was serviceable, a decent fielder, hit once in a while, and apparently was well-liked. Best of luck, Trot.

I am surprised by how much more interesting the Bruins can actually be this season. The game Thursday night against Pittsburgh was surprisingly riveting. Can this be a hockey revival in New England?

(wait for it)

(wait for it)


4. MISC:
The Steelers have to be better-off without the Chin at the helm, right?

Is there anyone worse for basketball than Kobe Bryant?

Bridgette Wilson, the grade school teacher from the movie Billy Madison, married Pete Sampras, the hirsute tennis player? How do I not know these things?

Chase Utley gets 7 years and $85 million from the Phillies? Chase Utley?

Watched Nova beat Texas yesterday. Stop smirking, Brigs!!!

Bears 24 Saints 23

The Bears do one thing good on offense: throw the deep pass. The Saints have one glaring weakness on defense: yes, you guessed it, defending the deep pass. If Brian Urlacher and future New England Patriot Lance Briggs can stick Duece McAllister a few times and put Drew Brees on his heels just a bit, it will make for one heck of a game.

Patriots 27 Colts 17

Let me see, I have ridden the Pats this far, so I guess it is time to saddle up and play rodeo and rope those Colts. I still doubt the Colts defense and I still think Peyton Manning will fall into the same trap in the playoffs where he tries to do too much and forces some horrible interceptions.

Bears and Patriots rematch in the Super Bowl? Sweet, now to find my BURY THE BEARS t-shirt with #7 Eason on the back of it and see if it still fits.

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