I have been on the DL like I was a Yankees pitcher and need to get my notes and quick hits for the past week up online:

The King:

Everyone laughed at me when I picked King Felix Hernandez, who was 12-14 in 2006, in both my fantasy leagues. Now, I am seriously considering trading him since his value is at the max. Of course, with my top pick in both leagues, Albert Pujols, at .188 batting average, it is no wonder I am so desperate for offense.

Bye-Bye to the Franchise:

Dust off the old garish light blue mid-nineties Patriots jersey number eleven, True Red White and Blue Drew has hung up his spikes. NFL Hall of Famer? No. Patriots Hall of Famer? Definitely. Having lived through the Victor Kiam era, how does one calculate the impact of Parcells and Bledsoe on the franchise (though most credit belongs with the Krafts)? Both belong in the team hall of fame. For a great article on why Drew is not a hall of famer, despite 4 or 5 hall of fame seasons, check out Don Banks at SI.com.


Wait, Imus was still on the radio? How is brother Fred going to hock his merchandise? Is this the end of Kinky Friedman as a national best-seller?

Rain Delays:

What a spring for rain and snow. Do not know if I can handle going days in between Sox games. The only good news is that Julian Tavarez is still sitting instead of starting.