Yes, Randy Moss tweaked a hammy and camp sunshine is cancelled. The doom and gloom Boston media jumped all over the long lean one as he limped off the field this week and was held out of practice a few days. Karen Guregian in the Herald (that bastion of hype and hyperbole) says about Moss being listed as day-to-day by Belichick:

Wasn’t “day-to-day” Belichick’s prescription for cornerback Chad Scott, who is
now out for the season with a knee injury?
Umm, Karen, I hate to point this out, but Chad Scott left the field on a cart and it was obvious that there was a serious problem. Randy Moss walked back to talk with Belichick with an ice pack on his ass. Just a wee difference, no?

Of course, without Ron Borges and his daily anti-Belichick rants, backbiting and innuendo I almost do not know what to do. Who is going to point out at every conceivable point that the Big Five linebackers are 29, 30, 32, 33, and 38? Who will tell us that Asante Samuel is better than Ty Law and the Patriots cannot win without him? Who will tell us that Richard Seymour is overrated, gets man-handled by Kevin Mawae, and dogs it too often? How will I know that Lawrence Maroney is not a workhorse and that Sammy Morris could not carry the jockstrap of Corey Dillon? How will I know that Matt Light lives in fear at the mention of the name Jason Taylor and that Big Red Dan Koppen has nightmares about Taylor’s brother-in-law Zach Thomas? Ron Borges, an over-confident Patriots Nation turns its lonely eyes to you!

OK, so maybe not so much.

As usual, the Patriots are still front-runners along with the Colts and San Diego now that Marty is out. The Patriots have a great offensive line, a great defensive line, solid running game, solid linebackers, good receivers when they are healthy, and a good secondary when they are healthy. The solid teams are solid, and as long as #12 is on the field, the Patriots must be considered a worthy Super Bowl pick, just as the Colts are as such when Peyton is on the field and not in front of yet another camera. There will be injuries to overcome, guys underperforming, and some surprises, but that is football, and overcoming that is why Bill Belichick gets the big bucks. One week until the preseason games begin, five weeks until the real deal. I know I can hardly wait.