Good Times, Bad Times…

The good news is that the New York (Win the Division or Sleep with the Fish) Yankees lost to the Toronto (For the third year in a row I am going to say how does this team not win 90 games) Blue Jays 4-1. With six games to go, the Red Sox lead the Bronx Bombers by a full two games (no more of these half games and listening to them whine about games back in the loss column). At present, both teams have six games each left to play and the Red Sox need only a combination of five wins or Yankees losses to clinch the A.L. East for the first time since Matt Stairs was young and shaped like a pear instead of old and shaped like a pear (That said, Matt the Bat can still swing the lumber!)

* * *

Right now I am trying very hard to savor the moment. As good as it looks, SOMETHING always happens. I am trying not get too excited about the Patriots offense with the sturdy offensive line, strong running backs, good-hands tight ends, excellent receiving corps, and amazing quarterback.

With the defensive backs holding their own, and the d-line and linebackers running all over the place making plays, there is no trash talking about the defense (even though Bill Belichick will work them like dogs for being 0-5 in the red zone).

Special teams is the only spot anyone can complain about, but certainly not the punt and kickoff return and coverage teams. Forget about Wes Welker and Ellis Hobbs, Mel Mitchell looks like the Pro Bowl teamer everyone said he would be when he came over from New Orleans before he spent last season on the IR. I guess Gostkowski and Hansen are possibly the only two anyone can complain about.

Heck, I am trying hard not to think too much about Rodney Harrison and Richard Seymour (arguably the two best performers on defense) coming back to further ignite the defense.

This team is special right now. They are clicking on all cylinders and while I want to be pie-in-the-sky about it, common sense says it cannot last forever, that no one finishes 16-0. But, dammit, I am going to enjoy the moment!

* * *

Bad times? Oh yeah, the Revolution blew a goal lead in the final 20 minutes and settled for a tie. Since that is the worst sports news this week, I guess we can all be thankful.

* * *