Konnichi Wa

Well, Hal B. has definately had better opening days. Nothing like getting up at 5:30AM to catch the pre-game show from Japan and getting a satellite signal problem from DirecTV. Now, first off, I have been DirecTV's best advertisement, telling one and all how great they are. Well, let me say that I was far from that person Tuesday morning. In fact, my sexy wife ended-up calling DirecTV and waiting on hold for almost an hour because I was in no shape to talk intelligently.

Fortunately, it was fixed in time to allow me to watch the recorded replay when I got home from work, but it was far from the same. I really wanted to wake the kids, fire-up the grill and throw on some hot dogs, and crack a beer and watch the game. Not suitable for mornings before work, however.

The fact that the Sox left with a split was good enough for me. The circus is gone, and now they can focus on the season and the American League East.