Mish and Mash

A couple quick hits while Hal B. folds laundry, thanks God for air conditioners (90+ degrees in the beautiful sub-suburbia of Boston), and tries not to wear a hole in the carpet while waiting for game two of the NBA Championship begins:

* First and foremost, let's review: Red Sox win World Series for the second time in three years, Patriots win 18 in a row and reach the Super Bowl, the Revolution reach the championship round again, and now the Celtics are in the Finals. If only there was a hockey team in Boston, we could dominate all sports!

* As a Sox fan, I applaud the Yankees for switching Joba the Hutt to the rotation. I just love watching Kyle Farnsworth blow games in the late innings. Mmmm-hmmm, it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that makes up for the bile from watching Eric Gagne pitch for the Sox last year.

* Some plays I watch Kobe and think "This guy is the best in the game, even better than LeBron." Then, I watch him disappear late like he did in game one and think "Yes, they are still one player away right now."

*Oliver Ross, back-up tackle, great pick-up. The thought of Nick "pass the pills" Kazcur as the only back-up to Matt Light keeps me awake at two in the morning as often as dreams about aliens shooting up the greater New England countryside (quite a bit, actually).

* J.D. Drew, yup, I said it from the day of signing and never shut up about it. HOW ABOUT J.D. NOW, HUH?!? HOW ABOUT J.D. NOW, BEEEE-YOTCHES?!?!?

* (Hal has been emerged in a tub of ice-water for his own safety and to calm down. We'll have the cat, Slim Mimit, take over the posts going forward).

* Meow, meow, meow. (My favorite basketball players are Chris Mihm and Mehmet Okur.)

* Wow, that is about enough of that. I will never allow that again.

* The one horse race I don't get to the track for is the only one the 38-1 underdog wins. I believe I will somehow blame Gallagher for this since he didn't call and drag my ass to the track.

* Still in awe of Greg C.'s gold glove work during the first annual wiffle-ball home run derby at the Friedman estate.

* Justin Masterson, 3-0, not too bad at all. Let's hope he's more Jon Lester and less Juan Pena.

* Someone let Doc know that everyone's favorite muppet (Sam Cassell, not Kermit the Frog) needs a very, very, very short leash. At this point, when Rondo is on the bench, I'd rather see Ray Allen bring the ball up with Eddie House on the floor.


Anonymous said…
Yeah! You know who rocks the outfield. What, no Euro Cup coverage?
Been trying to catch it while I can...haven't heard from the Senior Footy Correspondent, Brigstah, so I hope he's been doing his non-microbial research while on the European continent...