...they get! And in this case, they wanted game six.

The Celtics were able to fight back in game five, just as they had in game four, but this time the tide was turned by Los Angeles making shots and the Big Three systematically eliminated from playing defense due to the officials working their magic. Every ticky-tack foul on Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce was whistled in the second half, while Tokey Odom and the Human Chicken Pau Gasol hacked away with impunity.

No play was more game-turning or significant as Kobe Bryant's "steal" from Paul Pierce at the 0:37.4 mark of the fourth quarter with the score 97-95. Bryant swung his arm at Pierce, struck Pierce in the arm, and then in his stomach, never touching the ball (he missed the ball by about three feet). The play resulted in a four point swing and after that it was all over save the shouting. (And, yes, the replay cleary showed it. YouTube, where are you when I need you? I looked for the replay and only found: Laker Girls Dancers Jiggly Tits - adultblowouts and shots of the steal from 150 feet away. Hmm, that's right--no conspiracies allowed this year.)

Normally, I am not one to accuse the NBA of referees working to affect the outcome of games, but after the Tim Donaghy mess last year, they have left themselves open to criticism from all viewers. I watched, I was not impressed by the officiating and again thought the game was scripted by the WWE and not played out, and I want this series over in game six without any further shenanigans.