Miscellaneous Ramblings

OK, this time its all over. And somehow I'm alright with it. No throwing objects at the TV. No silently staring at the TV as Gary Carter runs home. No getting sent to my room at age nine for using physical violence to shut up those who would taunt my Washington Redskins at halftime. No cursing at the radio (my Dad didn't let me watch the game on TV) when Magic hit the mini-hook. No silently staring at the TV as Aaron Boone circles the bases. Instead, I turned off the TV and went to sleep and slept soundly. Wow, maybe I really am maturing.


Instead, I think I realized that the Red Sox went through holy hell just to get to game seven. They were a very good team with some flaws due to getting old and having a few injuries. Someone convince me that Mike Lowell playing instead of Mark Kotsay would not have made a difference (especially since Kotsay left 17 runners on base).

OK, onto my miscellaneous ramblings:

* Derek Lowe back in Boston. Come on, this would be so good (well, at least for the gossip columnists).

* Matt Cassel AFC Offensive Player of the Week? Puh-leeze, he was about the ninth most valuable offensive player on the Patriots Monday night. (What, you want me to back that up? Sure. Here's the list: 1. Sammy Morris 2. Randy Moss 3. Wes Welker 4. Matt Light 5. Logan Mankins 6. Dan Koppen 7. Heath Evans 8. Ben Watson 9. Matt Cassel. Nuff said.)

* The Celtics should continue to be fun this fall, winter, and spring (and hopefully summer as well). A few new nuggets unearthed from the draft yet again, and only the loss of James Posey to overcome (Tony Allen bounceback year, Tony Allen bounceback year, Tony Allen bounceback year).

* Seriously, are the Patriots bi-polar this season? Lose Brady, beat Favre, lose to the Dolphins, win, get blown out by the Chargers, and blow out the Broncos. It's like the Pete Carroll era all over again--that gnawing pain in the pit of the stomach all game. Uggh. I forgot about those days.

* Bruins? Seriously, the Bruins season already started? No way. Seriously?

* BC football back in the top 25. Time for a big letdown loss (I still can't believe the way they whupped VA Tech last week).

* Thank you to the Sci-Fi Channel for replaying LOST from the first episode. It was one of those shows I resisted because I knew I'd be hooked. So here I am totally freaking hooked and killing massive amounts of free time.

* I cannot wait to see how the Yankees try to buy their way back to the playoffs.

* AJ Burnett--somehow I think he ends up in Boston by hook or by crook.

* Thanks for all the effort, enthusiasm, and attitude, Bad Rodney. All Pats fans will miss you this season.