Bent Offerings

Traditionally, burnt offerings were presented as an act of sacrifice; "Bent Offerings" have no sacrificial lamb other than the Boston-area athletes, management, and media members deserving criticism, perspective, praise and critiques (especially critiques of anyone or anything from the NY market, natch). In the ongoing spirit of, I'm continuing to experiment with the presentation of the content and I'm trying to get this info out in a format that hopefully forces more creativity and commentary. Of course, the content should have the usual "Bent" perspective (hah, I can at least make myself laugh).

Team activities have started in Foxboro, so I will kick things off with the Patriots, followed shortly by the Red Sox, currently fighting the Yankees for first place. Thanks to all who continue to read, and I hope I can continue to entertain and amuse.


-Hal Bent, 06-10-09