Some leftovers here that didn't make it into the Extra Innings last night...

  • Coco Crisp out for the year with a torn labrum in his shoulder and was hitting .228 for the Royals. We got Ram-Ram for him? I feel so bad for Royals fans, I really do. What a great trade that turned out for the Red Sox, and yet another nightmare deal for a franchise that hasn't caught a break since the days of Bret Saberhagen.
  • Not that I'm a big fan of these made-up footy tournaments, but what a Clint Dempsey-tastic finish the US had against Egypt to catapult them ahead of the mighty Azzurri (who got spanked around by the Brazillians). If it was a tournament that mattered, people would be extremely excited. But...yah, it doesn't matter and Spain will kick the US's rear-ends anyway.
  • NBA Draft, NHL Draft, whatever. It's nice not to be in the lottery picks.
  • Reymond Fuentes, the Red Sox first round pick and future successor to Jacoby Ellsbury when he hits free-agency in a couple of years, how did I forget to chime in on him? Fuentes is probably one of the fastest players drafted with game-changing raw speed. Only 18, projections expect him to develop into a possible power/speed threat. A cousin to Carlos Beltran, he is still far from ready for the majors and is likely on a slow rise through the minors ala Henley Ramirez where he was able to grow through each level and continuously earn his way up the ladder--certainly not a Papelbon or Lester-esque rise through the minors is expected.
  • Manny plus Albuquerque...a match made in heaven.
  • The Red Sox are one twisted ankle by Nick Green from the Gil Velazquez era at shortstop. Wait, pretend I didn't just type that. Way too scary to think about.
  • Do I really need to read an article about Nancy Kerrigan? Someone tell Dan Shaughnessy to write about Sam Jones, Ken Hodge, Troy Brown, or Jerry York and Jack Parker if he's writing a puff piece to sell tickets for "The Tradition" at the Garden. Writing about Nancy Kerrigan and the pressures she faced is not going to get my rear off the couch and there, that's for sure.