Roid Rage

Seriously, what is with the collective hand-wringing, children crying, disillusioned dopes, incredilous idiots, moaning morons, and naive ninnies aghast at the news that members of the Red Sox may have been taking performance-enhancers during the twenty year steroid era (1988 to 2008)? As far as I am concerned NO ONE is above suspicion from that era.

I love the history of baseball. I'm the guy in high school that did my presentation in English class on the impact of the 1890 Baltimore Orioles on baseball. I did a book report on a book I found about te 1944 St. Louis Browns. I read the Baseball Encyclopedia front to back (on multiple occasions). I wrote about baseball everyday in my journal in sophomore year just to piss off my teacher who made the mistake of telling me she hated baseball. I will gladly argue the merits of Babe Ruth's 1920 season as the greatest of all-time all night. But, I am not going to sit here and listen to the media whining about "the integrity of the game" being in danger.

As far as I am concerned, every baseball player from 1890 until 1950 was a racist unless shown evidence otherwise. Every baseball player from 1876 until 1920 was throwing in with gamblers unless shown evidence otherwise. Every baseball player from 1876 until the present abused alcohol unless shown evidence otherwise. Every baseball player from 1967 until 1983 was loading up on coke, shrooms, LSD (Doc Ellis), and other illegal drugs unless shown evidence otherwise. And every baseball player from 1988 until 2008 was on performance enhancing drugs.

Sorry, I just buy this "steroids killing the game" bologna. Baseball survived worse. All era's have their scandals. Big Papi? Jerry Remy's kid? Manny? Mark McGwire? Sammy Sosa? A-Rod? Barry Bonds?

Does it even matter?

I'm sick of it.

No more stupid steroids talk.

Just play the damn game!