Dear Management for the Boston Red Sox:

Don't lie to us. There is no shortage of cash in Fenway. Seriously, ask anyone who has been to a game in the past ten years and felt their wallet lighten significantly.

Here's the to-do list:

1. Sign Jason Bay or Matt Holliday--either or, I really don't care. Heck, Bobby Abreau would have been fine had he hit free agency, but left field demands POWER. Yes, I will settle for Hideki "Bobblehead" Matsui for left field in Fenway. Just get some power, patience and average there.
2. Eat $3 million and say good-bye to Jason Varitek and get a Molina/Brad Ausmus type at back-up catcher. Does anyne really believe "El Capitain" would be anything but a whiney distraction on the 2010 Red Sox catching once a week? Get a superior defender to put there.
3. Raid the Eliminator: Chone Figgins, welcome to Fenway Park. There has to be somewhere he can play in the field. Third base is fine (trade Mike Lowell for a bag of balls if necessary). DH is fine (seriously, Big Papi is on the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay downslope). Left field or Right field is fine. He can start 130 games all over the place. There is plenty of room in the line-up for him. Get him, and Terry will find the playing time.
4. Raid the Eliminator Part 2: John Lackey, fill-in that missing part in the starting rotation. Lester, Beckett, Lackey, Buchholz, and Wakefield. Not too shabby.
5. Taka Saito, come back to Boston! Well, him or another decent bullpen arm.

Boom. Five moves to bring the World Series Trophy back to Boston.