Saturday Morning Coffee

Wow. A whole week between posts.  What happened to this week? Maybe it was Peyton Manning Overload.  

    • The best news for the Patriots is that Peyton Manning will not join the Jets, as they agreed for some god-awful reason to give Mark "Dirty" Sanchez a 3 year $40.5 million dollar extension.  Really?  Sanchez falls between average and mediocre and most analysts have a tough time cramming him into the top-15 QB list, and the Jets decide to hitch their wagon to his star? Wow.
    • With Manning out of New York, which would have made the Jets an immediate Super Bowl contender, the next target in the AFC East is the Dolphins (as the Bills extended Ryan Fitzpatrick after 6 good games early in the season and then watched him crash and burn in the second-half of the season with the ink still not dry on his 5 year contract extension).  The good news for the Patriots is that the Dolphins owner is the type to scare away a control-freak like Manning. 
      • With Manning out of the division, there is one less headache twice a season.  With Sanchez staying in New York, the Jets guarantee more 8-8 seasons.  
    • I love RG3 (Robert Griffin III) from Baylor, but 3 first-round and a second-round pick to move up 4 spots in the draft? The Redskins obviously believe that Peyton will not play in the same division as Eli, and not believe the Matt Flynn hype. If he's the real deal, no one cares the cost.  If he's a Ryan Leaf...need I say more?
    • 10 straight without a loss.  The Spurs go down as the Toffees catch a huge break with Louis Saha hitting the post in extra time as the club with the best name in sports (Tottenham Hotspur, how do you beat that name?) falls short to the lads in blue.  Where was the offense going to be coming from down the stretch? The lone goal came from Croatia, as new striker Nikica Jelavic banged it home.  Now, the Merseyside Derby awaits.  Time to make John Henry cry and let Rived\rpool see red.  In the top ten, two points from 7th place.  C'mon Toffees, keep it going!
    • Jekyll and Hyde describes this team.  They've proven they can beat bad teams at home.  Then they go and lay and egg on the road against Philadelphia with a chance to tie for first in the Atlantic.  Last night they just plain destroyed Portland.  How was that the same team that was run off the court by Philly? I expected Andrew Toney to come off the bench and start firing threes for Philly it was such a classic beat-down.  Then to be without a bunch of bigs due to injuries, the Celtics turn around and run Portland outta the building .Sasha Pavlovic leading a 16-0 run in the second quarter? Is Portland that bad? 
    • The other big deal is the impending trade deadline.  Does General Manager Danny Ainge blow it all up?  More and more it seems to be clear that the most likely course of action is going to be chasing free agents this off-season. 
  • RED SOX:
    • Opening day just around the corner....whoo-hoo!