Spare Neurons

Randomizing with everything popping around in my head...

  • RED SOX:
    • Jason Varitek retired. Funny, he stopped earning his check four years ago...about time he stopped getting paid by the Red Sox. 
      • His "Captaincy" last September was a joke.  He cost Terry Francona his job.  his being gone makes the clubhouse shake-up actually a possibility.
      • In a word, over-rated. 
    • Ditto for Tim "Shakey-Wakey" Wakefield. Get out. Go now. Go.
      • Wakefield was the most celebrated 5th starter since DIck "The Dragon" Drago. Seriously, he was he definition of average. His greatest contribution according to the WEEIdiots was always his heroic "saving the bullpen in game 3 of the ALCS against the Yankees."
        • Stats, bitches. In a game the Sox lost 19-8, he gave up 5 runs in 3.1 innings.  If he really "saved the pen", why did Mike Myers throw 2 innings to close out the blowout? It was still close when he came in the game.  He sucked. He got bombed. Let's not tie a pretty bow around a stinker of a game. 
      • Great job and kudos to the Red Sox for getting these two off the roster. They needed to go YEARS ago. Sentimentality, as the Celtics know too well, leads only to losing.
    • Watching the Draft Combine on NFL Network...dreams do come true.
    • Ocho must go. 'Nuff said.
    • Since the Patriots are $25 million under the cap, have Tom Brady's contract to twiddle with to bring down the cap further with some creative bonuses and the like, I see NO REASON not to make a huge push for Pittsburgh wide receiver Mike Wallace. At worst, your number one opponent has to pay him more than they want to. At best, only the best young wide receiver in football (name me someone better. All around: deep, short, outside the numbers, across the middle, blocking--this guy gets it, and is only 25) is catching passes from Tom Brady in the Red, White, and Blue.
      • And no, Wes Welker is going nowhere. He is a no-brainer to keep at the franchise tag of $9.4 million. A new long-term deal should be easy.
    • Thanks for the memories, Kevin Faulk. Buh-bye. See ya on CSNNE with Troy Brown and Ty Law.
    • No panic, hockey-fans, no panic.  Team added depth, no Kaberle deals to screw things up, and its time to get healthy, get their heads on right, and get ready to peak in the playoffs.
    • Nathan Horton is a huge loss.  Just saying it for the record.
    • Kinda disappointed that nothing happened with the $5 million available for injury exception for Mark Savard.  That said, if the deal is not there, don't force it. Don't make a mistake to save face in the media.  Good patience, Cam and Peter. 
    • I don't throw out huge props to the Hollywood Sports Guy (f.k.a. Boston Sports Guy, King of all Sports Bloggers) but this article hit all the key points necessary (the man can still write basketball): rip on Glenn Ordway; rip on Tommy Heinsohn; and rip the Celtics.  Aces. Check it here:  
    • Best line in the article [Tommy Heinsohn at the (fake) Danny Ainge roast (just read the damned article already!)]:  
      • Heinsohn: "Absolutely! Greg Stiemsma reminds me of a guy I used to play with … a guy by the name of William Felton Russell! Same timing on his blocks. It's EERIE!