by Hal Bent - October 23, 2013 - FIRSTSTOPFANTASY.COM

The Cleveland Browns faced off against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field last Sunday and, having won three of four previous contests, seemed primed to make a push for a huge road win. Instead, the Packers had an easy time defeating the out-of-sorts Browns.  Cleveland struggled on both sides of the ball with again not generating a running game on offense, and they had no answers for Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers who picked them apart with his depleted receiving corps.
Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden again showed that he had little chance of keeping his job any longer that it takes for Cleveland to find a better option be it a trade (New England backup quarterback Ryan Mallett–a favorite of Cleveland General Manager Mike Lombardi–looks more and more appealing each week) or draft next season (Cleveland has their own and Indianapolis’ first round pick next year).  Weeden did not replicate his horrible interception of the week before, but he again struggled mightily.
There were so many problems with the Browns offense that offensive coordinator Norv Turner could have used the game tape as a Halloween scare. It seemed every receiver dropped at least one pass, and Weeden topped that with some terrible throws as well.  Weeden struggled equally whether under pressure or if Green Bay dropped into coverage. The Browns were only seven for eighteen on third down and struggled to sustain drives. Running back Willis McGahee looked old and slow, but in his defense there was not a lot of space to run with the ball.... CLICK HERE FOR MORE: