Cover32: Patriots outlast Broncos in amazing SNF game


  • A starting safety not dressing and an already injured cornerback out of the game in the second quarter? Check.
  • Two more cornerbacks injured and playing nowhere near close to full speed? Check.
  • Three turnovers in the first eight minutes of the game? Check.
  • Bitter cold and wind affecting the passing game? Check.
  • Third string right tackle in the game after ten offensive snaps? Check.
  • A 24-0 deficit at halftime? Check.
  • An incredible 280 yards rushing allowed by the defense? Check.
  • A starting linebacker and (yet another) defensive tackle lost to injury in the second half? Check.
  • A typical day at the office for Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots? Hardly.

With an undermanned secondary, gaping holes in a defense that refused to stop playing sub packages and baited the Denver Broncos out of their high-powered aerial attack, and an offense that could not stop putting the ball on the frozen turf early on in the game, the New England Patriots dug themselves an early hole that looked insurmountable. Down 24-0 at halftime, the New England Patriots turned in their greatest comeback to date in order to get a 34-31 overtime victory.
According to the NFL Network, since 2001 NFL teams are now 2-148 in 150 games in which they trailed by a minimum of 24 points at the half.