First Stop Fantasy: 32 in 32: Houston Texans

32 in 32: Houston Texans – First Stop Fantasy

No one could have predicted the Houston Texans self-destruction in 2013. Sure, the loss of defensive end Mario Williams on defense was expected to slow the ferocious defense a step, but at no time did the prospect of a 2-14 record and the number one overall pick ever enter anyone’s mind. It was a snowballing season that ended with the Texans bottoming out like they did last year.

Houston started 2-0 to open the season and looked well on their way to the playoffs. Then the losses started snowballing: an overtime loss to Seattle; blown-out by San Francisco and St. Louis; a one-point loss to Kansas City going into the bye week; six straight losses by seven points or less coming out of the bye week; and then finally–mercifully–limping to the finish line to secure the first overall pick in the draft after losing 14 straight games.